Country Cats Coronavirus Mitigation Policy


The World Health Organisation (WHO) declared a Coronavirus pandemic on 11 Mar 2020. UK Government declared Coronavirus (Corvid-19) mitigations were to be imposed. This was issued by parliamentary legislation on 26 Mar 2020.


The purpose of this policy is to detail and provide guidance on the Corvid -19 mitigation measures in force within Country Cats Andover.

The measures will be detailed in a logical sequence to assist with the interpretation and ease of understanding.

Mitigation Measures

Prior to arrival it would be helpful if customers could let the cattery know what time they will arrive within the normal opening hours.

Upon Arrival

• Only 1 customer is to accompany their cat for booking in the office
• Alcohol Sanitiser Hand Gel or Non-Alcohol Spray available in the office
• Normal booking procedure will take place

Cat Movement to Cattery

• Unfortunately at present customers are not able to go into the cattery so a member of staff will take your cat to the cattery to settle them in
• Once your cat is settled in their chalet their travel carrier will be completely wiped down with an anti-viral animal safe disinfectant
• We do not encourage you to bring toys or extra belongings at present except bedding or blanket to help settle them in


• On the day of collection you are kindly asked to contact the cattery either by telephone or text to confirm collection time
• A member of staff will then wipe your cats carrier with an anti-viral animal safe disinfectant
• Once dried, your cat will then be placed in the carrier and any bedding placed in a plastic bag
• Your cat will then be taken to the reception ready for collection where a member of staff will wait for your arrival
• Payment is confirmed/made either by cash, cheque for bank transfer as normal


During the lockdown some customers have found that they were unable to get their cats booster vaccination done. Advice from most Vet Practices was that boosters were valid within 3 months of the date they were due. As our licence to operate the cattery requires that cats must be up to date with their vaccinations, we do ask that you do make sure that they are in date before arrival. If there are any problems with this please give us a call to discuss as we may be able to help.

General Safety Advice

Any person suffering from or showing symptoms that may relate to coronavirus are requested to not visit the cattery.

All visitors are to ensure they comply with current legislation/guidance on safe distancing.

The mitigation measures provided within this policy is to both protect the customers and staff members alike.

For any further information regarding the Corvid-19 mitigation measures in force with County Cats please contact:

Country Cats
Streetway Road,
Nr Andover,
SP11 7EH

01264 889770
07958 746468